Best Michigan Assault, Battery or Death Defense Lawyer

Michigan Assault, Battery & Death Defense Lawyer, michael l stieinberg

The first few hours of a legal situation are the most critical. Often, by the time an assault, battery & death defense lawyer has been retained, damage to a case has already occurred, often without a person’s knowledge. Preserving evidence, obtaining statements from critical witnesses, and requesting records are all essential steps in assuring a positive case outcome.

What should you do if you receive a phone call informing you that your loved one is being held for questioning in a precinct? What do you do if you have been contacted by a detective and are asked to come in for questioning? Many people wrongfully believe that they must make a statement to the police. But that is not the case.

Michael L. Steinberg is an assault, battery & death experienced defense lawyer who has had vast success in defending cases when hired from the onset. In many situations, charges have been dismissed or significantly reduced. With Mike Steinberg’s extensive experience as your assault, battery & death defense attorney, you have the confidence that he will use all available resources to effectively investigate and manage your case. Mike regularly communicates with police officers, detectives, agents, city attorneys, and prosecuting attorneys who are involved in your case to ensure maximum resolution with as little impact to you, the client, as possible. If you or a loved one is in trouble, contact Michael L. Steinberg, best Michigan assault, battery & death defense lawyer, today for a free case evaluation.

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