Expungement laws in Michigan

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In Michigan, an individual might be eligible to have their criminal record expunged or set aside if they meet certain requirements.

The major one is a five year waiting period with NO Convictions of any kind anywhere.

Act 213-1965 Listed in the Michigan Legislature outlines what the eligibility and requirements are along with all the associated sections.

A Michigan court’s authority to set aside a conviction is a privilege, and should not a considered a right. If the Michigan court determines that the circumstances and behavior of an applicant warrant setting aside the convictions and is consistent with the public welfare, then it MAY enter an order to that effect. At the end of the day, the court must be convinced that you committed a one-time mistake but you have completely changed your ways for the better.

Unfortunately, some judges may be stricter than others in granting this request. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you hire an expungement lawyer can help you create an effective application with the necessary supporting evidence to increase the chances that such a request will be granted.

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