Michigan Medical Marijuana smoker found Not Guilty of DUI

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This is an article that talks the challenges Medical Marijuana users face in Michigan.

Medical marijuana smoker found not guilty of DUI

It’s a story you’ll only find on Action News. Michigan’s zero tolerance policy for any marijuana in your system while driving continues to remain in effect despite the recent passage of recreational marijuana. But now, Oakland County has ruled in defense of a man arrested for that reason.

In case, the Michigan Medical Marijuana smoker found not guilty of DUI

When you’re a cardholder, per the Michigan Supreme Court, the government must prove actual impairment.  So I am not surprised by this outcome. 

 The rationale is that Michigan Medical Marijuana cardholders, like others who take prescribed medications, can operate with medications in their system.  When dealing with other medications, there is a concept called therapeutic levels.  Completely legal to drive with those levels. With marijuana, there is no such established level at this time.

As Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney, I intend to argue on the behalf of my clients, that actual impairment is now the standard for all operators found with marijuana in their system.  It is my belief that  it violates equal protection to say thatMichigan Medical Marijuana cardholders have the defense of actual impairment and the rest of the drivers do not.

Michigan police agencies have vowed to arrest those driving with the presence of marijuana in their system.

If you have are a driver or know a driver caught driving with this Marijuana in their system, please call me.

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